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lulu_bucket | 18:52 Sun 28th Nov 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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1) seven minutes of polo starts to unite men unless nothing new agreed?

2) Least expected at first with the Travelling Wilbury Beatle?

3) It's about Karenina?


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2 George Harrison was in Travelling Wilburys
1 chukka umma?
1 ChukaUmunna
sorry chukka umunna
Please follow site guidelines and put the name of the quiz (not just the theme) and the closing date when posting quiz questions.
? Keira Knightley
Question Author
why Keira Knightley? Thanks
I was thinking of her as in the 2012 film Anna Karenina but stars such as Vivien Leigh and Greta Garbo were in older versions of the film. Do you have a letter count?
It also helps if the correct number of the question is posted. If you are numbering them why not use the actual number?
Maybe you should read the comment from the setter when you asked 20 of it early last year Puzzles/Question1729528.html
Just wondered why they were not answering Fibonacci's request on both threads to say which quiz it was so looked back

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Cryptic? Anagrams? Celebrity Quiz

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