Charities . Soroptimist International . C/D 31St Dec

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mrsmaggot | 19:56 Sun 21st Nov 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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3 to get :-
5) Ability to have onshore girl. - Can? Something? What’s an onshore girl?
20) Wipe spoons names. - Thought this was an anagram but not came up with anything
24) Mrs Tiggywinkles safety. - hedgehog street? Or Tiggywinkles wildlife hospital?

Thanks for any suggestions


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What's the theme please?
5 cancer UK
these have been asked before if anyone wants to do a search.
Sorry you have already said.
What's the theme and is there a letter count?
Soz, it's charities
Question Author
Charities . No letter count given.

24 hedgehog sanctuary ?
Maybe the 5 wordplay is Can Sara UK

Fir 20 I remember all the talk about it being WSN but maybe Ive forgot a later answer, certainly WSN wasnt convincing for me
WSN was answered as Women's Support Network. Credit goes to Hazlinny.
Thanks the winner, Yes I just couldnt remember if there was some later answer as there was suggestion's it could be a anagram as there was nothing in the clue to suggest using initial letters of "wipe spoons names"
To be fair, I thought the clues were ummmmm yeah you get it!
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Rosieandjim - can’t find a simple hedgehog sanctuary …. That’s what I wanted !
Swithering between “ Hedgehog Street” / Hedgehog Preservation society / Mrs Tiggywinkles wildlife hospital .
Or anyone got any other ideas ?

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Charities . Soroptimist International . C/D 31St Dec

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