Xmas Church Quiz No76

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blue-yonder | 17:16 Sun 21st Nov 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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What is the connection?
1, Pale Owl , Need, The Chart, Libra.
2,Moon, Baal,Cooper, Neighbour.
4, the last of the mohicans,The capital of Sweden, Mid episode, The start of something.
Thanks to all in advance


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1. anagrams of British prime ministers.
18:06 Sun 21st Nov 2021
Could you post the name of the quiz (there are quite a few churches :-) ), and the closing date as per site guidelines.

2 all begin with animal sounds.
4 the letter s
1. anagrams of British prime ministers.
3. hidden places Oman, Iran, Cuba and Romania
Searching I see these were all previously asked for an Action for Children Quiz - no mention of Church Quiz No 76 ??

Hadn't seen them before.
I recieved a reply here to my query here:

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Xmas Church Quiz No76

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