Eastender's Hamper Doesn't Last

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satprof | 08:31 Sun 21st Nov 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Today's Sunday Express Alphapuzzle cryptic clue.


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Seems it should be easy linked to amper but I can't see it
pannier, ???
sure that is not it, but tricky one today
Temporary sems too long
Question Author
Here I am answering my own question, but I think it's ephemera. Anagram of EE and hamper.
Sham hidden in clue?
Yes agre with ephemera if its a word as it's close to ephemeral
Question Author
Ephemera also fits the grid, both for the three Es and the H, which is a given letter.
Again looks longer than usual for an alphapuzzle answer
sounds about right SP
Question Author
Bob: You're right, but today's grid has lots of long (7 or 8 letter) positions.
May be am being pedantic (and hypocritical as my written English ain't great) but isnt ephemera plural? Must be the answer there wanting though
Question Author
Bob: Some dictionaries do seem to treat ephemera as singular, but the Cambridge dictionary says it's plural. (Singular is ephemeron.) The answers are supposed always to be found in the Cambridge Dictionary, so that's the best reference. All the same, Alphapuzzles take the concept of bending the rules further than most.
Ephemera .. 7,12,10,7,6,7,3,2 .. Q is 22 and K is 17

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Eastender's Hamper Doesn't Last

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