Save The Chidren Find The Classical Composer C/D 31St Dec

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Skitts | 15:06 Fri 12th Nov 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Any help grateful, extra clues preferred

13. A large number swamped by anger (6)
15. He could brew up round the Orient (5)
23. Did he have a good action when fencing (5)
24. This kind of man, when sorted out, does useful tasks (5)
28. King George and I for example (5)

Thanks in advance


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15 Weber (anagram E(ast) + brew)
15:09 Fri 12th Nov 2021
15 Weber (anagram E(ast) + brew)
28 G.R. +I + eg = Grieg
24 Haydn (anagram of "handy" man)
15. Weber
As you asked for clues:
13 Anagram of word in clue plus abbrev for 1000.
15 angram of word in clue plus abbrev. for orient
24 Anagram of first part of nickname for Mr Kane who worked on the tv programme "Changing rooms"
28 ends in abbreviation for "for example"
My apologies I missed "clues"
23 Change the vowel in tennis player Fred's surname and you will get Sir Hubert
13. Anagram + a million - just a thought!
Could someone help me please on my last 3 in this quiz?
20.A wizard involved in a tram accident. 6
22. A short operation in part of the jaw. 6
32. A short nobleman all right. 6

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Save The Chidren Find The Classical Composer C/D 31St Dec

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