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08:25 Wed 10th Nov 2021
Reckon Geevo got it this time.
Well done
Question Author
Well done, geevo; it's simple when you do it but it would take me for ever to see it myself.

As for fitting 'modest' into the grid, there are some twelve 6-letter potentials, of which it looks as if five are impossible. It will therefore take quite some effort to get going today.
It can really only fit the middle bottom down m 11, 21 o, 25 d, 4 e, 15 s and 20 t
Got the answer, even in the right place, it's the rest l am having trouble with lol
"it's simple when you do it but it would take me for ever to see it myself."

Well in fairness the clue is absolute rubbish: the sort you have to really think of a word and and largely ignore how it works :-)
Yes not a good clue but as soon as l texted here l saw my mistakes, 7= a , not i .!! 26= j
I’m too MODEST to give the answer !!
Modest .. 11,21,25,4,15,20 .. Q is 3 and Z is 14.
Yes, it's still a Modest answer - nothing has changed since this morning...
Yes its not a great clue DU in MOST but theres nothing in the clue to tell us to insert DU in the middle of mOST.
Dur,,, de not du

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