cryptic clue band artist or group?

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jennielbrown | 14:01 Mon 12th Dec 2005 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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seven foot tall striker?

cruise,crawford and collins?

avoid TNT?

russia? or canada maybe?

throw small fruit?

who is with nurses?

poorly sketched water marker?

will and family?

shall tabloid choose that one?

ginger, brown, black and fair?


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avoid tnt is it miss dynamite
7 badly drawn boy
2. Tom Jones
Question Author
thankyou very much, appreciate it :)
6 maybe dr and the medics
10 a guess spice girls
5 chuck berry 100 %
4 Red Flag
4 big country 100%
8 Young Blood?
i thought of that but only entry in guiness book is sydney youngblood
10 four tops maybe
Question Author
Thankyou again guys for helping me, i only seem to get the real easy ones eg cheerful after sundays is happy mondays :)
10 4 non blondes finally 100 %

bobobalde111 I'm going to put that Guiness book of hit singles on my Christmas List!!

jennie Sorry that Red Flag was such a red herring - but there is a pop duo called Red Flag! Honest!!

9 wilson pickett check spelling

will sun pick it

for 1 thinking maybe big giant crouch

striker match forward most probably picket again tho

Question Author
dont worry crofter im not very good anyway :( lol

8. The Smiths

best ive got for 1 is flying pickets not 100%

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cryptic clue band artist or group?

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