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jenniferd | 17:24 Fri 05th Nov 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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It's getting near to the time when I have to decide my answer to Q97. His digs may well be in old housing (12). Like a lot of people who have asked about this question there seems to be only 2 possible answers - ARCHEOLOGIST (alternative spelling) or EGYPTOLOGIST. Both do digging. Cannot find a connection to old housing unless I think of housing in ancient Egypt/or the pyramids housing dead Pharaohs.
Has anyone found an old housing connection to the clue or is it a case of guess between the 2 answers? Really can't make up my mind so HELP please.


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As in living in digs I assumed when i last saw this clue
I have always doubted that Neville would use an alternative spelling, there's no real reason to do so.

However of the two, J prefer Archeologist.

May toss a coin in the end.

It's possible it's something else altogether.
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Hi Mamyalynne. I agree with you re Neville but he does say "Chambers Dictionary is our main, but not sole, source of reference for definitions" - so ARCHEOLOGIST would be that.
There's always one question in his quizzes which stands out in making a final decision to the answer - and then I usually make the wrong one!!
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Has no-one else any contributions to make regarding Q.97 or can | assume it's a choice of only 2 possible answers - Archeologist or Egyptologist???
There are several threads on this, here is one of them:-
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Thanks dannyk13. Have read that and the other threads and they do seem to favour ARCHEOLOGIST. I was just trying to find out if there were anymore word suggestions.
I shall be quite cross if it is archaeologist (without the 2nd a) because as mamyalynne says why would Neville use an alternative and secondary spelling when there's no real reason to do so. I wish to hell there was a 3rd possibility!
No one is happy with old housing being “Archeo” meaning ancient/old and “logis” meaning lodgings/housing in french (plus one or two other languages)? Too much of a stretch?

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