The K M Links Game - October 2021 Week 5 And Final Results

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seekeerz | 01:56 Mon 01st Nov 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - lovely sunny day out there, no wind - just perfect and the weeds beckon, I'll get a move on and enjoy it while it lasts.

Now for the links - a bit of a surprise with one, but I've taken liberties (as I always do) but all were found .....

Split Pin
Cliff Face
Lion Cub
Belt Drive/ Drive Belt

JOLLYROGER66 collected the Bonus Points for his selection of Belt Drive, being the only one to do so which bumped him up the scoring very nicely.

Perhaps from now on, even if a word appears in the clues, we can't assume it won't be in the matches, so if people select one this case, it was 'face' ...their choice....ok ?

Well that winds up another month, a quiet one, points wise, but the select few remain keeping the club rooms tidy while the rest of us do what we do...whatever that is !!!

I'll go get on the my typing ....not what I do best, but there it is !!!


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Scraped a 'pin' oh well.
Question Author

9 points - Magyar

8 points - haras2

7 points - jollyroger66

6 points - Mozz71

5 points - dannyk13, Fibonacci, johnny.5, karamia, Muzz, Sam1960, scorpiojo, Shazza H, & tonyav.

4 points - aelmpvw, abi77, Arksided, Buenchico, ducksie, elliemay1, Gill G, nabob, Rose Maybud & tearinghair.

3 points - angler57, Butterbun,Chiefpanda, cliffyg, Joolz, Lysander, mallyh, 1ozzy, murraymints, petland, roopower, sadielady, SharonA, teacher1, & toaster.

2 points -anikomo, brizzer, Bugsy, choux, Chris H, Elspeth, hazlinny, hellomummy, Lozzy, Jean G, JJ109, MargoTester, masterchef, modeste, myamoo, owllady, Patsy33 rockfordill, twix123, wickedtongue & weecalf.

1 point - calmck, Candice Marie, cpfcrosie, cricDram, Glarus, jillywiskas, jobjockey, Lady Jo, Mags, mamyalynne, roslyn251254 & John, & seekeerz.

Congratulations to all the points scorers for the month, good going all, and I'll see you all next week for the start of a new round....till then, stay safe and take care, Cheers, Steff.
I'm not sure whether I scored there or not, given that I got 'face' correct but was then all but told to change it by Choux!

[It's a conspiracy. I know it is!]

Thanks for another month, anyway, Steff ;-)
Question Author
Chris - I awarded you the point for ‘face’ even though you changed it - my liberties - I was surprised to find it was the match and in future I think we’ll just let it ride - I hope you did enjoy the month, we aim to please :))
I get the message.
no points again, oh...
I'm embarrassed, I only entered once and I intended to get none right.
Note to self, try harder to win the wooden spoon
Doesn't seem to make any difference to my score whether I remember to look in or not. :)

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The K M Links Game - October 2021 Week 5 And Final Results

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