Buxton Mountain Rescue Quiz C/D 31 October

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Tuvok | 12:27 Wed 27th Oct 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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CLUES ONLY - as per setters request

I'm stuck on 4 of these and need to get this posted tomorrow at the latest.

Answers are a community/settlement in Britain AND the name of place contains a British river within the name.

24. Spy on high ground (4,4) - have been trying to find an answer with BOND in it

31. Change the Wire Man (7) - have been looking for anagrams but no luck yet


48. A cereal used mainly for making bread or whisky and alights - no luck trying barley, corn or wheat!

60. A challenge, especially to prove courage and National Trust Holidays (7) - no idea!!!!


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60 - ends with the initial letters of the last three words
24 something mole?
24 mole hill?
oops sorry just seen the clues only
The OP asked for clues only
31 anagram of last three words
48 A dark cereal used a lot in Russia and what the ground is. The river is Welsh and starts with e.
Question Author
Thanks all.

I'm still stuck on 31 - now wondering if the letter count is wrong, as if its an anagram of the last 3 words as has been suggested, then that gives a 7,4.

On checking my sheet I missed another that I'm stuck on

Move spasmodically plus could be a book or cigarette and a point (8)

I think the book/cigarette could be "tab" - but I could be wrong!
Move spasmodically (6) plus could be a book or cigarette (1)and a point (1)
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Got that - and just twigged how the book/fag can be 1 letter!

Was there any correction to letter count for 31 announced?
Tuvok, use this link to type in the three words for 31. it's not the first answer, it's the second.
but its 6.4 not 7?
Question Author
Thats what I got, so I think letter count must be wrong on the sheet!

there is a 7 letter one though for last 2 words
and the 7 letter one contains a river
Yes Bobb, it's an anagram of the last two words of the clue, I agree.
31. (7 letters) Search in Wales.
Question Author

Now off to look at lists of places in Wales!

The anagram solver, link above will give it to you.
Question Author

Now got to either open envelope carefully or remove the stamp!

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Buxton Mountain Rescue Quiz C/D 31 October

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