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colin76 | 16:11 Sun 24th Oct 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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13, comprehensive (9)
15, £8.91 for most uk adults (7,6,4)
19, the last moment (3,8,4)
22, best way to video a snail race (4-5,11)
25, it was here a minute ago! (4,2,5,7)
27, this quiz is one example (7)
36, biblical shower (5,4,3,5,6)
39, mother/daughter swap (6,6)
45, heard from a different light (5,6)
46, when to take your first strike (3,4)

Lions quiz
Closing date Monday 10th January 2022


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36 Forty days and forty nights
Some of these have been asked elsewhe on AB - so if you use the search function you should find them.
Second ary
Freaky Friday (also a song by lil dicky)
Something about living wage
National living wage
Sorry national don't fit. Minimum?
15 Minimum Hourly Rate
19 The eleventh hour
time-lapse photography ?
gone in sixty seconds ?
46. seen answered as teatime (tee).
45. split second ???
39. second selves ???
39 is Freaky Friday as above by Bobb, he doesn't use the clue numbers.

Freaky Friday

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It’s About Time

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