Christmas Cracker Jokes

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MontyMiniman | 11:30 Thu 21st Oct 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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No4 " what has fingers but cannot feel" 4letters thank you


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A Kit Kat.
Fingers of Fudge.
Just to add for clarity that the setter was contacted and confirmed it is 4 letters.

Got to be fish.
a clock?
or watch. (surely a fish can feel?)
ah - 4 letters!
Okra ? (vegetable known as lady's fingers)

Okra looks good. Too good, perhaps, for a Christmas Cracker.
Not everyone is as intellectual as us, Winner.
hi Spicerack, I just can't come up with anything else.....
Probably 'fish'. I could see myself roaring with laughter at that when I little.
Fish fingers can't feel ...
yeah but no but yeah - It's the thing that has the fingers that is unfeeling not the fingers themselves. I thought of OKRA but, as noted, rather too intellectual!

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