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Matakari | 10:22 Sat 02nd Oct 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good day, I’m stuck with the following from Masterpiece by Craft. Hints/Answers with parsing would be appreciated, thanks in advance!

44 (A) Ignorant man, to whatever extent, grasses (5) : AL?AS
46 (A) That lady is undressed, doorkeeper (3) : SH ? ( SHE )

32 (D) Coarse seaweed overwhelming with rustic aftertaste (5) : ?WAN? (TWANG )
40 (D) Headless fellow in midair is frightening to locals (6) : S??ERY ( SKEERY )


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46, Yes, She, that lady - undress, take the outside letters, away from Usher.

32 Yes.

PS Try today's Listener, Matakari - it's possibly the easiest ever!
40. Peer is the fellow, headless = remove the P. and it's inside (mid) Sky, air. Sk eer y, frightening (dialect word).
44a alfas (ref to alf garnett?)
Question Author
Many thanks, all, for the comprehensive parsing! A final one for parsing, please!

31 Sturgeon, perhaps, or Brown, manoeuvring to the left (3): NAT
( Something to do with the status of national parties? )

Thanks, NACRW, I'll certainly have a go at the Listener.
NAT, brown manoevring to the left = tan
Question Author
Thanks, aelmpvw, clever parsing, indeed!
Glad we could help, Matakari, though I think you didn't really need us. You had most of the answers, but seem to give up on parsing them!
Question Author
Thanks, NACW, I need to persevere with the parsing. And you're right, the Listener is surprisingly doable! I'm enjoying the practice!

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