Fao - The K M Players

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seekeerz | 23:18 Fri 01st Oct 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Here are today's shaded clues for you -

14a. Surgeon who partly inspired Arthur Conan Doyles character Sherlock Holmes, or any one of a series of instruments forming the chime of a carillon (4)

44a. Volley of arrows or applause, circular shortbread biscuit, or canon sung in unison. (5)

53a Sprite such as Shakespeare's Cobweb, Moth etc, or any one of those illustrated by Cicely Mary Barker. (5)

34d. Any one of the escarpments of millstone grit found in the Peak District including Burbage, Curbar, Derwent, Froggatt and Stanage. (4)


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Bell Round Fairy Edge
23:20 Fri 01st Oct 2021
Thanks Steff and good evening all.

14a. Bell

44a. Round

53a. Fairy

34d. Edge
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Well done, JJ, I hadn't a clue about the last one.
Well done JJ.
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Hi twix, how are you and Mrs T ?
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Good morning, mamya and haras, all well i hope ? Xx
Thanks - it helps though if you have walked Froggatt's Edge!
All good here, hope the same for everyone else x
Well done JJ.

Hi Steff. I'm well thanks, not long back in from one of our local hostelries. Mrs. T. is still not too great - getting fed up with constant hospital appointments, but none of the doctors have come up with any definite diagnosis.

How's things in Oz ? I know that my cousin in Sydney is fed up with the continual lockdowns, especially as he is a social animal even though he is in his eighties !

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Fao - The K M Players

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