The K M Links Game - September 2021 Week 4 And Final Results.

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seekeerz | 23:55 Sun 26th Sep 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - it's Monday, and the sun is shining !! Well of course it is, in both cases, but today i can't get out and enjoy it !! Grrr !!

And Grrr on another count as well ....I think the worst week we've had was a total of 6 points ....well, this came close ...a total of 8 ....nothing to write home about !!

Cream Cake
Nut Shell
Card Holder
Bed Room

All quite straight forward except for the third match, but just so many possibles so I'd better just get on with the Leader Board and then go drown my sorrows .....


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The LEADER BOARD for September

6 points, jillywiskas

4 points - Chiefpanda & Shazza H.

3 points - kettledrum, masterchef, seekeerz, teacher1 & toaster.

2 points - cliffyg, Elspeth, jollyroger66, Lysander, petland, rockfordill, scorpiojo & John.

1 point - aelmpvw, anikomo, Arksided, Bugsy, Candice Marie, cpfcrosie, dannyk13, ducksie, Fibonacci, haras2, hellomummy, Lozzy, Gill & Jean G, JJ109, johnny.5, karamia, Magyar, MargoTester, modeste, Muzz, myamoo, nabob, Patsy33, roopower, tearinghair, tonyav, twix123 & wickedtongue.

So Congratulations to all the points scorers for the month, it's been a toughie so commiserations to those still in the club rooms, .... All we can hope for is a better result in the next month, which is a long one. Whee !!

Till then, take care and stay safe, Cheers Steff.xx

*Looks for my name on the scoreboard*

Oh yes, that's right.

I typed 'BEDRoom' and then changed my mind!!!

sigh, no points again...
Wow, that must be a record low winning score for the month, which makes jillywiskas' achievement all the more remarkable. Clearly quality over quantity. Well done to the points scorers. I'll keep the marigolds on and go round the club rooms with the mop and bucket again ;) Thanks, Steff.
What a fabulous surprise, wasn’t expecting that, am really chuffed, thank you Rose Maybud for your lovely comment.
Good luck to all for the next month.
Mozz, I am with you mate!!
Nil points again for me.
Oh wow, I must have got that point week 1, I didn't think I made it on the leaderboard this month, yayyy. Thanks Steff :)
I think this is the first month that I haven't even got one point!
Ohhh, I was going to put cream cake and changed my mind.... :-(
Fickle birds eh... what you like ;-) I have to admit I was a bit dithering myself with this weeks.

Well done jillywiskas on winning the month and to all the point scorers.

Thank you Seekeerz Xx

Oh well, one point is better than none - just!
Did not get and finally weecalf this month gonna go for two point in October just see if I don’t lol

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The K M Links Game - September 2021 Week 4 And Final Results.

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