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Candyian | 13:53 Wed 22nd Sep 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Loros space quiz 2021


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Oh come on. Literally only just published and doesn’t close til 20 January 2022. What’s the rush?
Angie some people do most of the quiz in the first few days of receiving it and don't want to wait months before they are put out of their misery! I feel that way myself and as everybody is different in how they approach this sort of thing, there is no reason to criticise someone who doesn't want to wait. Every one is not like you.

The quiz heading is clearly marked and so it is not spoiling anyone's enjoyment. If they don't want to see answers they shouldn't click!

Please ensure this is a happy site and refrain from criticising askers for asking questions!
I mean don't scroll not "click"
Added new quiz to the Monthly Round Up.
JJ, with the greatest respect, please don’t tell me what to do, especially as this thread and yours on Rainbow do not follow Site Rules.
As you well know Angie, as it has been explained to you many times, Ed has stated that you may add details of the closing date and also whether it is a no asking quiz, but you MUST not do anything to deter askers from asking questions.
Yes but neither you nor this poster have quoted the closing date as AB editor asks. It’s really not difficult.
I don't know it - but you could have added it (if you know it) rather than comment as you did!
It's not up to me, it's up to the original poster, quiz name and closing date as AB requests, it's really not difficult.
Out of curiosity, when you've been "put out of your misery" and been given the answers early in a quiz, do you send it in straight away or do you wait until nearer the closing date?

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Posed With A Vase

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