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smuffy | 19:17 Fri 17th Sep 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Hi does anyone know what a Djamie i believe it may be a Turkish monument,mosque? thanks


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The Turkish word for mosque is camii (pronounced dJamie)
19:34 Fri 17th Sep 2021
How is the question worded Smuffy?
The Turkish word for mosque is camii (pronounced dJamie)
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thanks Toorak, this came up today and we wondered why we couldn't find any reference to it
the Turkish for mosque is cami - - but the /c/ is /j/ as in jar,jam,jerry
Turkish spelling

and er clearly djamie is the same word (!) no really, foo etc.

It is an arabic root ( you knew I would say that ) and
the root is j-m-3 - [3 is a difficult consonant called ain] - gather

sprinkle a few vowels around ( semitic languages work like this)(*) and you get plural, crowd, university, conference, (council)meeting er and mosque. yom al jama3 - Friday.

Mosque English and French comes from mezgeed - er another word for meeting, praying place

when the alternative is reading guff on AB you can see why I do this sort of thing - not much on teevee either

(*) so if it worked like this in English, mint, mount, meant, mooned, would all mean the same thing. ish . I told my translator you had to look up each word separately in English and he said " god what a language". -

loan word
Turkish is indo european - - NOT semitic at all
too much detail - maigret on -
and is the most agglutinative language - you just go on adding things to words for and aft.

My nephew wed a Turkish girl and they all came over here - precovid - when they were at war with Syria - and I spent the whole time - gottle of geer gottle of geer

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