The K M Links Game - September 2021 Week 2 Results

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seekeerz | 23:51 Sun 12th Sep 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - Oooo, it was cold this morning so Winter hasn't done with us yet, but it'll be a lovely day, so something to look forward to, when I've defrosted !!!

Now who was it said there was lots of choices ?? Oh boy, was mamya correct !!

Double Boiler
Stop watch
Brown Rice
Pen Friend

We had 9 Stop watches, one each for Brown rice and Pen friend, so two lots of bonus points going out there, and not a double boiler in sight !!

The lucky ladies receiving the Bonus Points were KETTLEDRUM & MASTERCHEF which puts them up onto the Leader Board ......

3 points, - kettledrum, masterchef, Shazza H, seekeerz, teacher1 & toaster.

2 points - jillywiskas, jollyroger66 & lysander.

1 point - 22 players.

So Congratulations to all the points scorers this week, seems to be getting tougher each week but hopefully there'll be an avalanche coming up soon. Till next time, take care and stay safe, Cheers, Steff.


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It's the only thing I was right about Seekz - not a bean for me lol x
Wow! That makes a welcome change. Thanks Steff
Question Author
Biscuits are running a tad low already ...
Question Author
Should be able to order some online - trouble is, directing them to the F F club rooms !!
nope nothing for me.
I once got 10 points for a month. I've a screen print to prove it.

Been making up for it ever since.
At last I have one. There were so many chouces.
Oh dear, going down! Thanks
Not a sausage (again) :(

Total of three correct answers, in as many months.

Hope this finds you well Steff, stay safe x
My SIL gave me a pack of Chocolate Hob nobs yesterday (No jest she's on a diet) that's why i'm hiding in the corner.

Thank you Seekeerz Xx
I am in the opposite corner, Arky, but your biscuits are safe from me as I don't like them ;)
I'd join you Choux but that rabble around you squabbling over the dustpan and brush, may take advantage.
Question Author
I never feel a round/week is quite complete until Arky favours us with a few well-chosen and succinct comments - it makes such a rounded and dignified closure to the proceedings and I look forward each week to reading his thoughts - and he never disappoints.
Thanks Arky xx

Ps - while the great Hobnob debate rages on, I would ask that the taps in the kitchen are turned on off securely - the elephants have made a mud wallow in the wine cellar !! Now who’s going to clean up that mess ?!
Sure it's only mud?

We could market it as Face Packs.

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The K M Links Game - September 2021 Week 2 Results

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