Rainbow Quiz (Aka Local Crossword) Closing Date In Eleven Weeks Time!

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JJ109 | 09:24 Thu 09th Sep 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This quiz has only just come out and closing date is a long time in the future. If you do not want to ruin your own enjoyment, if you are doing it yourself, then please move on and don't scroll down.

I have solved 96 of the 100 clues and I don't want to wait 11 weeks to be put out of my misery! However I do want to get them myself, so clues only please. For question 40 though I should be pleased for a clue to the "parsing" also, as I think I have the answer but can't parse it.

If I have answered the others correctly, then ALL FOUR of these end with the letter "T". In addition just one of them starts with a T also. I do not know which of the four!

40. "The world needs love" from this instrument (7)
68. The courage that needs to go with a splash (8)
69.. He turns down pint in order to stay keen on rotation (6,9)
(This looks like it should be an anagram, but I can't solve it).
94.Right in leaving out passage in book (7)

In addition, I have an answer for this one, but I am doubtful it is correct as it requires an alternative spelling of the more usual one of 13 letters. Once again it ends in a "T"
97.His digs may well be in old housing (12).

Many thanks


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40 answer includes three letter synonym for world
10:23 Thu 09th Sep 2021
Hi All, anyone able to help with 84 - "change not required for journeys in them". Have a couple of answers but not completely happy with either of them
and wondering if anyone found a better answer for 97 than the alternative spelling discussed earlier
84 think of rail travel
97 wondering if it begins with E
Thanks Bibster. Both my answers for 84 are train related (transit or through) but can’t pick one as I don’t love either. Am I on the right track (apologies). And thanks on 97, will have a think about it
84Through trains
94 Thought it might be something to do with the pyramids
Nice one bibster
much appreciated Bibster
Glad to be able to help.
If the word you are thinking of beginning with E for 97 and to do with pyramids (with 2nd letter G presumably)the description for that word in Chambers is "the study of the language,culture and history of xxxxx" which doesn't really fit the clue.
Hi All, anyone able to help with 22. ..... doctor, most witty - he always takes scales on board. (7,4)
Any suggestions appreciated.
Anagram of 3 consecutive words in clue
Think of Dr Who
Question Author
Husband of Prunella Scales
Many thanks to Toorak, elliemae and JJ109. With your help i have now solved this clue.
Still lying awake at night over 97. Pretty certain it ends in T but don't think either archaeologist (without the 2nd A making it 12 letters) or egyptologist are correct. Not cryptic enough! I will be very disappointed if either of these two is right.
please another clue for numbers 43 and 92 I have answers but am not sure of them
Also I have now got 39 for starting in T and 41 for ending in T . So some more thought required !!
Question Author
43 Is an "eastern" Tower
a + Royal Engineers abbreviation inside, a four letter word that polos and humbugs are varieties
Question Author
39 starts with C and ends with T
41 both starts and ends with T
Question Author
92 I can't access the clue for 92 at the moment but the answer is part of your body that enables breathing and begins with T
Question Author
๋Just got my file back from my recycle bin!

92 is an anagram of 2 words minus R (for right)

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Rainbow Quiz (Aka Local Crossword) Closing Date In Eleven Weeks Time!

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