Rainbow Quiz (Aka Local Crossword) Closing Date In Eleven Weeks Time!

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JJ109 | 08:24 Thu 09th Sep 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This quiz has only just come out and closing date is a long time in the future. If you do not want to ruin your own enjoyment, if you are doing it yourself, then please move on and don't scroll down.

I have solved 96 of the 100 clues and I don't want to wait 11 weeks to be put out of my misery! However I do want to get them myself, so clues only please. For question 40 though I should be pleased for a clue to the "parsing" also, as I think I have the answer but can't parse it.

If I have answered the others correctly, then ALL FOUR of these end with the letter "T". In addition just one of them starts with a T also. I do not know which of the four!

40. "The world needs love" from this instrument (7)
68. The courage that needs to go with a splash (8)
69.. He turns down pint in order to stay keen on rotation (6,9)
(This looks like it should be an anagram, but I can't solve it).
94.Right in leaving out passage in book (7)

In addition, I have an answer for this one, but I am doubtful it is correct as it requires an alternative spelling of the more usual one of 13 letters. Once again it ends in a "T"
97.His digs may well be in old housing (12).

Many thanks


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40 answer includes three letter synonym for world
09:23 Thu 09th Sep 2021
Question Author
Thanks Foxlee - I already have those and agree with you. I meant I have 41 answers that begin with T rather than 40. I also have 38 answers that end in T rather than 40, but I haven't solved Q68 yet!
Well 68 ends with T so that's another one!
I don't like it when you have to change a spelling i.e. American way to make an answer fit. My problem is with 72. Beginning with T but had to use one L but not happy with that.
Question Author
72 I have an answer beginning with "B" - someone that can't settle his debts!
jj109 - that's brilliant. Took the wrong meaning of settle completely.
Many thanks. If you want any more help with 68., just say.
Question Author
Thanks Foxlee - can you just tell me what letter it begins with please?
It begins with S
Question Author
Thanks - time to think!
I would like help with 65. Prepare to do repair, by the way, where there's an elderly person. (12,6) please if there's anyone out there who has solved this clue.
Also can you tell me if 73. A palace in Austria? No, not in Austria, in France. (7)begins with a T? I thought it might be an anagram but am not getting anywhere.
73. Begins with T, hidden in answer
65. If you were to do some sewing, what would be the very first job?
Place in London.
73. Should have read, hidden in 'question'!
Thanks FoxLee2. I've got those 2 answers now. Still need to solve 6 more but am going to try again by myself. Many thanks for starting me going again.
habakkuk3 - you're welcome. Good Luck with the final six.
69: think of history lessons and crop rotation. It's No. 47 that's puzzling me. from pea brain
pea brain - reverting is the key word.
I notice that people seem to have accepted No.97 as archaeologist with the 2nd A omitted as an alternative spelling.I would be surprised if that is correct because the compilers main reference is Chambers and the 12 letter spelling is very much an afterthought. Therefore if that is the correct answer I think they would have made it a 13 letter word.
Mamyalynne is usually the fountain of all knowledge on these sort of things! Any thoughts Mamy?
Maxymax, that's kind of you tp say and probably not true - there are some superb solvers on here.

I haven't gone too deep into the puzzle yet as I have many to complete before it.

For what it's worth I doubt an alternative spelling would be used for this clue (97), no real need to do so.
Hi Mamyalynne. Glad you are of the same opinion as me! Mind you I have no idea what it can be because "digs"has so many different meanings!
I'm sure we'll get there.

Good luck all.

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Rainbow Quiz (Aka Local Crossword) Closing Date In Eleven Weeks Time!

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