Rainbow Quiz (Aka Local Crossword) Closing Date In Eleven Weeks Time!

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JJ109 | 09:24 Thu 09th Sep 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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This quiz has only just come out and closing date is a long time in the future. If you do not want to ruin your own enjoyment, if you are doing it yourself, then please move on and don't scroll down.

I have solved 96 of the 100 clues and I don't want to wait 11 weeks to be put out of my misery! However I do want to get them myself, so clues only please. For question 40 though I should be pleased for a clue to the "parsing" also, as I think I have the answer but can't parse it.

If I have answered the others correctly, then ALL FOUR of these end with the letter "T". In addition just one of them starts with a T also. I do not know which of the four!

40. "The world needs love" from this instrument (7)
68. The courage that needs to go with a splash (8)
69.. He turns down pint in order to stay keen on rotation (6,9)
(This looks like it should be an anagram, but I can't solve it).
94.Right in leaving out passage in book (7)

In addition, I have an answer for this one, but I am doubtful it is correct as it requires an alternative spelling of the more usual one of 13 letters. Once again it ends in a "T"
97.His digs may well be in old housing (12).

Many thanks


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40 answer includes three letter synonym for world
10:23 Thu 09th Sep 2021
I'm afraid I am not much good in giving clues but I can tell you that
40 and 69 both begin with T, 69 not an anagram.
68 Think drink

I would like help with 43.. A body of serving men in perfect kind of tower. I have an answer which I am sure is right but cant fit it all to the clue, any hints?
i have an anagram for 69 starting with t
94 ends in T, the answer is another word for an extract
40 answer includes three letter synonym for world
I think you'll find 69 is an anagram 'He turns down pint'.
94. Normal word to describe a passage from a book
97. Agree on alternative spelling 'digs' being the important word.
As far as I am concerned, none of your remaining answers has a double T.
Question Author
Thank you! all
43 Something that is not used's condition, surrounding "a" + an abbreviation for Royal Engineers = a tower (Eastern)
Aelmpvw Thanks for that, looked again and now I agree with you
97 howard carter for example?
kacey - 43. Is it the T that's the problem?
Question Author
Thankyou - I have now solved 69
Question Author
Thanks Danny - that was what I had!
i did give a clue for 97
Foxlee, No, I had the answer just wasn't sure how it fitted,
Now thanks to JJ109 I understand it
Question Author
I have obviously got some others wrong (and I was confident with the others) as I have 41 now beginning with T and there should only be 40 + 19 of T----T. Therefore after I have solved these other ones with your help I shall have to double-check everything!
Question Author
Sorry Mallyh - thanks for that also!
Question Author
Thankyou Kaccey and AEL, I now have 40....but I had never heard of it!
Question Author
Thankyou Foxlee and Elliemay - I now have 94. I can't believe I didn't get that one earlier!
Question Author
I have recounted - I do have 20 that both begin and end in T
I have 41 that begin with T and 38 that end in T plus Q68 which I haven't solved yet as the only "courage" that I can think of is "Dutch courage"

Will have to go through them all again to find the error! Rats!
If you want some hints, 41 is a double T and 38 begins with T.

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Rainbow Quiz (Aka Local Crossword) Closing Date In Eleven Weeks Time!

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