Chatter Is Brownies Holiday At Seaside

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joycebrown | 22:26 Mon 23rd Aug 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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A couple left to do all help appreciated
20. Quietly count Heather (8) protection preparation. (6.6) think it's something screen
29! Happy satisfaction craft 6.4


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24 Suntan lotion
20 paddling
20 Paddling
29 looks like it should be pleasure boat but that's 8,4.
I agree Corby - looks like a wrong word count
…letter count
29 My sheet shows 8 4 letters
Thank you for clarifying GG
Question Author
Sorry my mistake yes 8.4 thanks for all help
Question Author
Sorry don't know how you get paddling for 20
Quietly = P
Count = ADD
Heather, another name for = LING
p(quietly) add(count) ling(heather)
The Italian word, "piano", means soft or quiet and is abbreviated to "p".
Question Author
Thanks very much for explanation captain2 and Ellie I wouldn't have got that

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Chatter Is Brownies Holiday At Seaside

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