Smoke And Mirrors C/D 31/08/21

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owllady | 11:01 Mon 02nd Aug 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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18) Holds the Broadway record for most tickets sold in a week (5,4,6, "5,11")
33) Friendly, engaging magician who had a Santa Claus quality about him, with his long beard, bald head, and round wire *** glasses (6,6)
52) Magic,Music and Mirth (6,6)
54) A Human Lie Detector (5,3)
56) " We wanted to reach out to people, and have an impact on their lives" (7,7,3,5,8,"6,9")

Also any help with pictures 6, 8 &9 appreciated

Thanks for any help


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18: David Seth Kotkin - David Copperfield
33 Eugene Burger
52 robert heller?
56 Kirsten Johnson and Kevin Ridgeway. "Living Illusions"
56 Kristen johnson and Kevin ridgeway living illusions?
sorry cashier you weren't there when i started x
54 Steve Van (Aperen)??
54 ricky jay?
Okay mally. It is Kristen not Kirsten.
the site i was on it's kristen
I said that mally. I was just confirming you were right and I was wrong with her name. Xx
oh sorry i thought it said it ...not it is x
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Thank you all very much just need the three pictures now
8 I have Karl Allen Harry Kane - if that helps.
9 Search "Chung Ling Soo"
Do you have anything for 27 ? Hosts a TV programme that aims to overcome maths phobia in young children ? (3,5)
Odd Squad was the best we came up with it
Thanks Bobbinwales
Question Author
Thank you CricDram

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Smoke And Mirrors C/D 31/08/21

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