The K M Links Game - July 2021 Week 5 And Final Results

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seekeerz | 01:21 Mon 02nd Aug 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - after quite a busy weekend we're back to the Monday morning chores, a bit boring but at least the sun is sort of shining ....all in all, not too dismal !!

Dismal !! Now there's a word !! It describes the results nicely, and we all tried so bravely.....

Hay Fork
Rock Fall
Hot Potato
Wall Street

The STAR TURN came from PETLAND who collected the Bonus Points for selecting Hot Potato and a total of 3 points, the highest score achieved, and well done !!
Well done also to the seven players who selected Wall Street ....and that's where the party ended....a bit sad, really, perhaps I should award points for ....oh heck, that can only get me into strife, forget it, bad idea. !!

Ok I'd better get cracking on the results list ...I'll be back as soon as I can ...


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I'm genuinely getting to that "why do I bother?" stage.
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The LEADER BOARD for July ....

8 points - johnny.5

6 points - petland

5 points - Elspeth, scorpiojo & SharonA.

4 points - Bugsy, roslyn251254 & twix123

3 points - angler57, Chiefpanda, ducksie, elliemay1, hellomummy, kettledrum, MargoTester, masterchef, roopower & tearinghair.

2points- aelmpvw, Butterbun, dannyk13, Fibonacci, haras2, Lozzy, jollyroger66, jobjockey, Joolz, karamia, Lysander, Magyar, patsy33, rockfordill, Shazza H & weecalf.

1 point - abi77, anikomo, Arksided, brizzer, calmck, Candice Marie, cliffyg, CricDram, emmie, Gill & Jean G, John, JJ109, Lie-in king, mamyalynne, modeste, Muzz, myamoo, nabob, owllady, sadielady, seekeerz, teacher1, toaster, tonyav, wickedtongue & Vera.

And there you have it ....Congratulations to everyone who managed to get onto the Board in what has been, to say the least, a pretty difficult month, commiserations to those keeping the Clubrooms nice and tidy for when we all congregate for the start of the new month ......till then, stay safe and take care, Cheers, Steff.

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I know the feeling, Mozz, then I tell myself next time will be better...still waiting for that :(
It's getting so bad as, I'm startingnto nod in agreement when Chris puts his traditional comments on here ☺
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Waiting to see which of his very grumpy friends puts in an appearance :))
Well done Johnny.5 on winning the month and to all the point scorers.

I was saved by Spring onions this month, not something I say everyday.

Thank you Seekeerz Xx
Thank you. Three points better than two, I suppose but still not good. Better luck next time.
Thanks, steff.

As I am (obviously) playing the "Pointless" version should I not have my name in caps on the monthly results, please ...

Thank you steffi

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The K M Links Game - July 2021 Week 5 And Final Results

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