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Matakari | 09:44 Sun 01st Aug 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning, I’m fascinated by Curmudgeon’s DIET in the Crossword Centre (Crossword Centre Prize Puzzle August 2021 ), but am somewhat baffled by this part of the preamble: “An extra letter not entered in the grid is generated by wordplay in every clue.” How does one determine the extra letters? For example I have answered the following:

1 Mother's expression of grief returning Jeddah's salutation (6) : SALAAM
20 Earnestly troubled losing last wandering sea-eagle (4) : ERNE

4 Raise for discussion south-eastern elk (5) : MOOSE
6 Concocted ale isn't a medicinal drink made from barley (6) : TISANE

Guidance as to finding the extra letters here would be appreciated. Many thanks in advance!


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1. It parses to Ma's alas. The S is not included, giving salaam
20 Earnestly - last = erney. The Y is not included, giving Erne
6 anagram ale isnt = Tisane + L not included
4 Moot (raise for discussion) + SE therefore the T is not included giving Moose
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Many thanks,JJ109, I’ve got a good idea now. Solving is done on two levels, the primary and then the parsing which can be tricky to determine the extra letter.
There appears to be a letter missing from the 4th word of the quote. Can it have something to do with the extra letters gimmick or is it a mistake? If it's the latter, it's a bad one (what do you think, Matakari).
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My apologies, ProfessorMaisie, I should have quoted the full preamble. Here it is: "An extra letter not entered in the grid is generated by wordplay in every clue; read in clue order the extra letters give instructions. Chambers Dictionary (2016) is recommended." I'll be seeking your expert guidance later, too! Thanks in advance!
It's the quote in the finished grid that appears to be deficient, Matakari - your initial question was fine.

When you finish the puzzle I think you'll see what I'm getting at (good luck).
Matakari, your seeking help prompted me to have a go at this puzzle. I've just finished it - mistake and all - and was left wondering, what was 'fascinating' about it? I kept worrying that I'd missed something significant!

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Diet By Curmudgeon In The Crossword Centre

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