Water Aid C/D 31/8 Smoking Mirrors

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Peasblossom | 08:17 Sun 01st Aug 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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14 did lovely Queen Anne Boleyn learn new tricks from him. (4,5,"5,7")
16 A magician and his familiar, "Tsk ... nothing works' (9,3,9)
22 Not the casual footwear but one of the magic men (3,8)
49 The first couple of magic (8,3 9,"3,10")
56 "We wanted to reach out to people and have an impact on their lives (7,7,3,5,8,"6,9") have olivia winsome for inverted brackets but can't fathom the rest.

Any help gratefully appreciated


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16: Catweazle and Touchwood
22 something about Slippers?
49 Jonathan and Charlotte, The Pendragons
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Thank you Chinajan, aelmpvw and bobbinwales
Olivia Winsome doesn't fit the inverted comma letter count. Where does it come from?
Kristen Johnson and Kevin Ridgeway "Living Illusions" - I think.
14 Hungarian escape artist his stage name and real name
22 found it from previous clue Brighton murder series he appears in the stories
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Sorry cashier misspelt winsome. Thank you cashier and bows13

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Water Aid C/D 31/8 Smoking Mirrors

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