Smoke And Mirrors. Cd. 31St August

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Maisie Doats | 21:26 Fri 30th Jul 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Clues please. The answers will have some connection with magicians.

27. Hosts a TV programme that aims to overcome maths phobia among young children (3,5)

Also 23. Seeing is Believing (6,6,6). I have an answer but the name I’m thinking of would have one of the names in inverted commas.
The setter usually does puts nicknames or stage names in inverted commas.

Thanks in advance.


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I think I have the same name as you for 23 and I've just put the stage name first - if this helps.

Sorry can't help with 27.
Question Author
Thank you CricDram. I take it you’ve got DSF , then ?
Good luck with 27. I’ll probably post the question again in a couple of weeks as I can’t see me getting it. Been stuck on it for ages.
Yes thats what I have.

we'll wait and see if anything else is found.
There's one called odd squad but can't see the hosts link or the magic link.
Ali Bongo fits!
Ali is elsewhere in the quiz.
The Odd Sqad are the host. The only magician connection I can find is
Squad... lol
Yes, must be the Odd Squad- the magician is as you say the Great Grinaldi
Question Author
Thank you to all for your help. Odd Squad does seem quite likely but I can’t see a cast iron link to the question. It’s the last one I have to do and it’s driving me mad.
The programme does address maths phobia among children and features a magician so it's the best I can think of
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I’m sure your right, it’s just me being too pedantic :)

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Smoke And Mirrors. Cd. 31St August

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