Beside The Seaside Mnda C/D 24/09/21

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crumbs6 | 20:20 Tue 27th Jul 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I would like some help please.
7. Sounds like a posh rose support. (7)
14. Nickname of 60’s model
29. One who crows in front of Mr Dawson (7)
46. Airborne solders behold in reverse. (7)

Any help is appreciated


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(The) Shrimp
46 may have RAF reversed and see or lo
Shrimp is for 14, Jean Shrimpton.
And cockles was for 29 (cock les)
And my suggested seafare or similar is for 46
46 Parasol

Paras + Lo, back
7: (H)arbour?
Parasol and harbour look good
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Thanks guys, you are brilliant, clever answers.

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Beside The Seaside Mnda C/D 24/09/21

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