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Janmatt | 16:52 Mon 26th Jul 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
38 Answers
All answers are number one hits of the 60s and 90s

I’ve just put down the same card as you - snap
32 degrees F - Frozen

Many thanks in advance for any answers


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Are the words snap and frozen part of the clues, or are they your suggested answers?
18:25 Mon 26th Jul 2021
Are the words snap and frozen part of the clues, or are they your suggested answers?
2 ice ice baby by vanilla ice?
These read like 2 suggested answers to me.
Can answers be either song ritle or artist?
shame Cold as Ice wasnt a number one or in 60s/90s
Is 32 degree/s F frozen though- its the melting point of ice so is starting to melt?
Freeze had some hits in early 90s but no number ones AFAIK I recall aeiou
Question Author
These are two separate clues, and both answers will be different but a number one hit of either the 60s or 90s. The words SNAP and FROZEN are part of the clues, not my suggestion.
madonna had a no 1 with frozen
My head hurts.

Frozen by Madonna and The Power by Snap! were both UK number ones in the 90s.

Have you got any 'solved' clues and answers to give us an example of what they're after OP?

Two hearts?
Ice ice baby may be right if frozen is in the clue
The joker? Stege Miller band. There are 2 in a pack I think.
Forget 2 hearts . that was 1989
Something by Tupac (2 packs) !
Yes we need an example of a clue and answer
More likely scenario is that the setter forgot to remove these 2 answers. Been through all the numbers ones and theres no other contenders apart from perhaps Ice Ice Baby,
Question Author
Other clues in this quiz for example are ...

Those who are youthful - answer is Young at Heart
Soft covered author - answer is Paperback writer
Orbiting Snoozer - answer is Sleeping Satellite
Parsley, Allan and Leo - answer is Three Lions
those look good.
Am certain the setter meant to delete the answer Frozen and probably Snap! although its a bit odd that the other 5 answers are song titles but Snap! is an artist
If the clues are defintely right with the words "frozen" and "snap!" in the clue it'self and if all answers are song titles then my answers would be Ice Ice Baby (Vanilla Ice 1990) and The Joker (Steve Miller Band, number one in 1990)
1 twist and shout by chuka demos and pliers?

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