What To Wear C/D 31St July

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slimseeker | 18:40 Sun 25th Jul 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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help needed please answers are things you wear (not necessarily clothes)
no 8 the french shrub is transformed into a colourful bloom (7)
no 30 head under waterway (6)
no 53 stage shoes perhaps? (8,5)
no 61 see many of the rich in oscar ceremonies wearing these (6)
no 72 sounds like a minor cover up going undercover (9)
no 86 eastern slum unfit to walk in without back up (5)


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86 mules
61 Chinos
61 chinos
8 blusher
8 Blusher
30 Panama
8. Blusher
61. Chinos
86. Mules

Any help please with
20. Although gathered from the band this one possibly belongs to the yodeller
85. Horribly serious looking card giving rise to look that's seriously horrible
53 platform heels
53. Platform Boots?
85 grimace
Thank you aelmpw
20 seen as dirndl
Question Author
thank you aelmpvw, mamyalynne and irishlass50 for your help . any ideas for no 72 please
72. Seen as Petticoat
Question Author
thank you irishlass50

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What To Wear C/D 31St July

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