Action For Children C/D 30 July

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Tuvok | 11:32 Sat 24th Jul 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Stuck on a few with this quiz.

In Section 1 - girls names

1 French with White underneath

5 The day before - could this be Eve?

6 8th book in the O.T.

10 Caution

13 Before Revelation + 25

19 Let go + 1

Section 3 - what is the connection?

41 Beer Mothering Anthrax Mantissa

44 Kiss Ten Times Treasure

47 Balfour Pennine Smitten Pharlophone

50 Amber Doc Epik Aunt

Any answers appreciated.


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6 Ruth
13 Judy
Book before revelation is Jude + Y (25th letter)

I suppose technically it should be Judey!
10 Amber
10 amber
5 yes
19 Freda
Freed + A
44 x
47 end in numbers
50 anagrams of fish
44 = X
Roman Numerals, a kiss, X marks the spot for treasure and times/multiplication sign
41 contain insects
41 Insects bee ant mantis and moth
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Athanks all - was totally stumped with Section 3 ones, but easy when you see the answers!

Just got q1 to get and then I can post it.

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Think Blanche is right - 2 friends have just suggested the same.
6 ruth
1 dawn

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Action For Children C/D 30 July

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