The K M Links Game - July 2021 Week 2 Results

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seekeerz | 01:49 Mon 12th Jul 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - typical Winter Monday here, it's grey and the rain is not far away.....and the next week looks the same .....plenty to do inside so I'm sorted.....

Our matches bordered on the unusual, but all were found, though not in the numbers i would have liked -

Jelly Bean
Junk Mail
Life Cycle
Race Track

On top on the heap was JOHNNY.5 who found three out of the four and collected 6 points ....very nice going !!
Also collecting multiples were BUGSY, MARGOTESTER, SCORPIOJO, & SHARONA, three points for each....well done, guys.
And a fair sprinkling of single points rounded out the game, with quite a few heading out of the Clubrooms, so we're going in the right's looking good ( now if I could just find the exit .....


7 points - johnny.5

4 points - Elspeth, scorpiojo, & SharonA.

3 points - Bugsy, kettledrum, MargoTester, masterchef & petland

2 points - angler57, Butterbun, Patsy33 & roopower

1 point - 29 players

Congratulations to all the points scorers so far, but no resting on laurels now, three more rounds to go, hopefully we'll be up to our necks in points by the end of the month .....stay safe & take care, Cheers Steff


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It's lucky I'm not a football fan, otherwise tonight's (yesterday's?) result, together with my usual failure to score here might have pushed me into really deep depression ;-)

Good evening/morning/afternoon/summat, Steff ;-)

Question Author
Hi Chris you're not wearing sackcloth and ashes, I'm glad to hear it Pity about the match, it would have been a terrific boost for England after all this time.

Just quietly, I'm very happy for our little Ozzie and her win on Saturday ....she is such a sweetie and a fantastic role model for sport, not like some of the clowns out there !!

Now if I'm certain you're not going to go into a decline, I'd better get moving ....Mondays a busy day here, but first i have to shift the cat !!
Cats should NEVER be shifted, Steff! (Just ask my lot. They know that they're the bosses around here!).

Yup, I'm as successful at this game as Marcus Rashford is at taking penalties.
i got 1, whooppee.
^^^ That's one more than me this week (or, it seems, any week), Emmie!
Ms Barty played really well and i was rooting for her from the start of the tournament.
Hi skz, I think I might have 2 pts so far - Sweet corn last week and Life cycle this week?
just how did that happen ?
Hi Seekeerz
I'm just happy to have got off the mark.
Well done you high fliers!
Woo hoo! I just hope I can keep it up.
Thanks Seekeerz.
Well, at least I'm consistent. Thank you.
Question Author
Sorry tearinghair, you do indeed have two points and I managed to mess that up nicely :(
Oh dear nothing, will the tears ever stop flowing this month.
Thanks skz. Sorry to be a pest.
Question Author
Oh tearinghair - not a pest at all, someone needs to keep me up to the mark...I’m just sorry
you have to do it :(

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The K M Links Game - July 2021 Week 2 Results

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