Kettering And District Samaritans Linkwords and Musical Instruments 21/4 - Closing Date?

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denquiz | 12:34 Thu 08th Jul 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Does anyone know what the correct closing date is for this quiz, please? Has the setter posted an amendment anywhere? I've just received the quiz today.

It currently says 31st (!) June 2021!

(I can't currently find a email address for them and I can't phone them at present).


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Question Author
The quiz title should read "Musical Instruments" - sorry for my typo!
Question Author
And I have just noticed that the title should actually read:

"Linkwords and Musical Instruments"
I don't know the correct closing date, but '31st June' is obviously a typo. June doesn't have 31 days, but July does, so the correct date is clearly 31st July.
I don't think they advertise their quizzes on here, maybe someone else is doing it.
I haven't received mine yet but when I do I will ring them as I have the ladies number who does them.
I've tried to help with the title of the OP.
Perhaps you could also ask if they'd like to advertise the quiz here too Bluebell?
Thumbs up to AB Spare Editor!
Ok Mamyalynne will do that.
Question Author
Agreed, bookbinder, the 31st June was the setter's typo on last months quiz, and repeated on this quiz, so I expect it will be 31st July, like you say! (Or it could be 31st August ...!)
Thank you for amending my question title, AB Spare Editor!
And thank you bluebell56 for offering to ring the setter to ask for the correct date.
Two months was the time between last Samaritans quiz!
Hello everyone. I have contacted the compilers friend and I can confirm the closing date is 31st August 2021 as we thought. I have posted the correction on the monthly Round Up.
Question Author
Many thanks, bluebell56, for confirming the correct closing date via the setter's friend, much appreciated and posting it on the monthly roundup too. You are a star!

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Kettering And District Samaritans Linkwords and Musical Instruments 21/4 - Closing Date?

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