The K M Links Game - July 2021 Week 1 Results

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seekeerz | 02:55 Mon 05th Jul 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - fairly typical Monday here ....overcast and a bit cool, school holidays, so shopping will be nuts for the next two weeks, and my sneezes seem to be waning ....that can only be an improvement !!

Another mixed bag in the links dept .....or so I thought -

Gold Reserve
Panel Pins
Mock Orange
Sweet Corn

Oh heck was my first thought, we'll be lucky to match a couple of those but you came through, though the one came right at the last gasp !! No prizes for guessing that one....

KETTLEDRUM with her final flourish came in with Gold Reserve and collected the 2 Bonus Points to start off the new month very nicely.

ELSPETH, MASTERCHEF & PETLAND were the three other STAR TURNS to pick up 3 points for their matches so ....

The baby LEADER BOARD looks like this -

3 points - Elspeth, kettledrum, masterchef & petland

1 point - 22 players

So congratulations to all the points scorers this week, about one third of our family have exited the Club rooms, and we'll try to make it a whole heap more next week, till then take care and stay safe, Cheers, Steff.


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Question Author
Now I could go for him, big time ....can I have his phone number ??
nil points this time, oh well better luck next go...
Thanks Seekers, I'm losing my touch ;)
Thanks, one for me - I'll take that!
Poop! I am back to normal, no guesses.
Nope, she got them all wrong again not one matched mine or Mags. Better luck next week dear.
Question Author
Now this worries me - bad enough when I don’t credit players with points they’ve scored - not good when they forget and don’t credit themselves !!
Sharon - you put sweet corn - did you forget ? Xx
Well done to the point scorers this week

mumble grumble, someone please switch the light off

Thank you Seekeerz Xx
I got one!. :-))
Well done you magical majestic person you, I'm gonna have polish my crystal balls for next week.
Well done to all the scorers. Steff - bet you looked out for mine - what a waste of time, eh? ;)
Arky, don't clang them together - they may shatter ;)
Resistance is futile ;-)
Seekerz, yes I did, silly me.
I scored, could I start bothering the score sheet this month

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The K M Links Game - July 2021 Week 1 Results

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