The K M Links Game - June 2021 Week 4 And Final Results

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seekeerz | 01:56 Mon 28th Jun 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - and it's a beauty here this morning, after a cold night, the fog has lifted and it's perfect !! I'm planning on getting out there as soon as possible :))

The links ... Well not quite so perfect ....

Shell Pink
Chimney Stack
Black Pool
Open Book

Our Star Turn came from Jean G, who collected a total of 5 points, for two correct plus the Bonus Points for her Shell Pink.....very well played, Jean.
Special mention for haras2, who was the only one to collect 3 points for her two correct, while the rest managed single points, or in quite a lot of cases, no points at all :((

This has been a very tricky month, hard to find points, and some unusual matches....Black Pool didn't find any takers and somehow I wasn't surprised but now I must get a move on with the score sheets and I'll be back as soon as I can.......


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The final LEADER BOARD for June....

8 points - jollyroger66

6 points - Jean G

5 points - cliffyg, emmie, Fibonacci, SharonA, & twix123

4 points - haras2, johnny.5, Lady Jo, Patsy33 & toaster.

3 points - anikomo, Bugsy, CricDram, Joolz, Rose Maybud & tearinghair.

2 points - Arksided, Butterbun, Elspeth, hellomummy, karamia, Lysander, MargoTester, Mozz71, owllady, petland, roslyn251254, sadielady, scorpiojo, seekeerz, tonyav & wickedtongue.

1 point - brizzer, Chiefpanda, dannyk13, elliemay1, fordward, hazlinny, JJ109, jillywiskas, Kawakiri, Magyar, mamyalynne, masterchef, modeste, Muzz, myamoo, nabob, rockfordill, Sam1960, Shazza & Chris H, teacher1 & weecalf.

Congratulations to all the points scorers for this month, as I mentioned, it's been a difficult one, with many possibles as matches and some of them have come from way beyond left field.

Next month may bring better luck for us all, we can only hope, in the meantime, stay safe and take care, Cheers, Steff

did quite ok for a change, thanks steff....
I know I do not usually bother the point scorers, but I did have stack and book this week, steff ;)
Question Author
Omg !! How on earth ????? Yes choux, you certainly did and I can only point saying it won’t happen again....knowing me it will, but hopefully not to you !! :))
Oh bless you, steff, no need to feel bad about it ;)

Well done to all the point scorers.
Question Author
Thanks choux xx
Yeah… I doubled my tally on the final week.

Well done on winning the month jollyroger66 and the escapees.

Thank you seekeerz Xx

Thank you skz.
Nice one !! Thanks Steff :-)

Thanks Arky
Thanks Seekerz. Jean is riding high. Meantime, I will be in the FFC for the next month. Please will someone leave the light on, as I don’t fancy 4 weeks n the dark. I can’t see if anyone is in here with me!!
…That’s probably for the best.
It’s getting harder to make a match, nil points again
Thanks Seekeerz
Lovely to get a little boost right at the end.
It's been a tricky lot this month !
Glad my name is weecalf a cause I always finish with and finally weecalf lol

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The K M Links Game - June 2021 Week 4 And Final Results

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