Answers Include A First Name 31/7

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poodledoo | 21:20 Tue 15th Jun 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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29)Prevent her from playing instrument (5)
27)When she follows an echo she finds pastry (6)
20)Rogue sounds like he's a chap who isn't smooth (7)
15)He is enclosed within weird herb in opening (8)


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20 Ruffian
29 Ban-JO
27 eclair
Misleading as the clue says 'he'.

All I could think of was - Berthage - Bert

Herb/Gate anag

But wasn't sure it fitted the clue
Question Author
thank you all.
If cANNAbis is right am not sure how the clue works, such as why does it say "in opening"
Or weird herb? Not sure it is right.
Mayalynne's work's better although am no sure there's a defanation of berthage in the clue unless setter thinks berthage is like storage hold- enclosed within
Yes, bert. Lol, was seeing Bertha there.
Question Author
Sorry I have mis-typed clue 15, it should say she, not he.
D'oh poodledoo! :0)

Still can't parse 'cannabis' though.
Could be Bertha then

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Answers Include A First Name 31/7

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