The K M Links Game - June Week 2 Results

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seekeerz | 02:07 Mon 14th Jun 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - typical Holiday Monday here, after a lovely sunny day yesterday, it's back to drizzle ...I'm not too fussed though, I spent most of Sunday out in the sun ....lovely :))

Our links were a bit on the bleak side as well, but at least you found them all.....

Blue Whale
Sun Dial
Night Spot
Fan Belt

I was beginning to fear the worst for Night Spot but right at the close of play, in came TWIX123 collecting the Bonus Points to add to his three for a grand total of 5.....way to go, mate !!!

And PATSY33 was the only other player to pick up three points for her two correct matches, while for the rest, a sprinkling of single points ....all in all not quite the cascade I was hoping for.

So the LEADER BOARD looks like this ....

5 points - twix123

4 points. - cliffyg, emmie, Fibonacci, johnny.5, & Patsy33

3 points - anikomo, Joolz, Lady Jo, Rose Maybud, SharonA & toaster.

2 points - Bugsy, CricDram, jollyroger66, Lysander, MargoTester, owllady, roslyn251254, tearinghair & tonyav

1 point - 26 players.

So Congratulations to all the points scorers again ....the club rooms are slowly whittling down to the group of stalwarts who have made not scoring an art form while drinking the bar almost out of existence .....wait till they get their next bar bill !!

Apart from all that, hoping everyone is well, surviving their covid shots and that one day our world might once again resemble the place we called home, until then, stay safe & take care, Cheers, Steff


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Question Author
Makes two of us !! :)
whoo scored at last
Would you check my score, Steff.
A couple last week and one this. Thanks
No need to check mine, steff ;)

If only I had done an Alan Davies...

Well done, twix :)
Question Author
Oh heck, I’m at it again - sorry jollyroger, you’re on 4 points ....serious brain fade last week....just as well you’re keeping an eye on things :))
At least you never have to worry about checking my total, Steff ;-)
Thanks Steff.x
Back to my usual lacklustre performance, well done the scorers.
Thanks Steff and everyone. First time top of the leader board for a very long time; and probably as many points as I have accumulated over the last 3 months or so !
Totally shocked nothing.

Well done the point scorers.

Thank you seekeerz Xx

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The K M Links Game - June Week 2 Results

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