Christian Aid Quiz 2021 -Rivers

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KathG | 18:53 Mon 31st May 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Last one and driving me mad. The quiz gives cryptic clues to rivers. It's in three groups of 10-UK, Europe and Rest of the World. Word and letter counts aren't given. My problem clue is in the Europe section and is: Initially remove Harry from house. My initial reaction was Ouse, removing H for Harry from house, but of course all the rivers of that name are in the UK, not Europe. If you take the initials RH it could be the Rhine or the Rhone but the "from house" bit makes no sense. There is a River Ome which could work - taking H away from home - if it was not in Japan, which would fall into Rest of the World, not Europe. Any help immensely appreciated.


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Thank you, but he link seems (it's not easy to read) to count the UK as part of Europe, which it is geographically but for the purposes of the quiz UK rivers have a separate category. So if an Ouse is listed it is apt to be the one in England.

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Christian Aid Quiz 2021 -Rivers

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