Water Aid: One Jump Ahead, Or First Past The Post C/D 31 May 2021

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Tuvok | 10:36 Wed 26th May 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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"All answers are people or animals, real or imaginary, who achieved, or where the first to do something, for the first time. The clues do not necessarily refer to that achievement."

I'm stuck on these:

11. His image is now one of the most recognizable self-portraits ever to be taken. 6,9

Think this has something to do with Louis Daguerre

21. Benjamin Franklin wrote a safe conduct passport for this man. 7,5,4

I found this "Francis Dana" - but can't find his middle name, so is it somebody else?

44. Their attainment had been achieved 2 months earlier by a sheep, a rooster and a duck. 8,7,1’,8,3,4-8, 7,2,6

This is something to do with Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Étienne Montgolfier. I found this but can't match all the letter count: Pilatre de Rozier and François Laurent, marquis d’Arlandes

48. Was this her Big Moment before going on a Blind Date. 6,7

Have seen this asked and a clue given - but none the wiser!!!!!

All help appreciated.


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11 robert cornelius?
21 captain james cook?
48 Arlene Francis
François Laurent d’Arlandes and Jean-François Pilatre de Rozier

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Water Aid: One Jump Ahead, Or First Past The Post C/D 31 May 2021

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