The K M Links Game - May 2021 Week 3 Results

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seekeerz | 02:12 Mon 17th May 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Good morning everyone - still pretty glum here today, maybe some sunshine by the end of the day ....I'm hopeful - i have some pansy plants to put in.

Not too glum on the points front ....

Red Currants
Letter Head
Curtain Call
Chimney Piece

I had some fears about the last two, given our track record of late, but no ... a couple of the guys picked up Curtain Call and then, right at the last, in comes little miss kettledrum, with her Chimney Piece and collects the two extra Bonus Points ....I'm not sure just how she does it, but well done !!

And the Star Turn came from SharonA, who cleverly collected 6 points for her three correct matches....nice going, everyone.

So the LEADER BOARD looks like this ....

7 points - SharonA

6 points - mamyalynne

4 points - Chris H & jollyroger66

3 points - aelmpvw, haras2, Lozzy, jillywiskas, kettledrum, Patsy33& wickedtongue.

2 points - Gill G & Muzz

1 point - 28 players ( of which I am not one ..... :((. )

Congratulations to all our clever points scorers, it's fairly tough going so far this month, however you're all battling on tenaciously, and I'm hoping to join the ranks before the end....with two more rounds to go, I might get lucky.
Till next week, stay safe, take care, Cheers, Steff.


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Something's gone wrong! I got one right! (I'll probably wake from this dream soon though. Oh well, it was good while it lasted).

Thanks, Steff ;-)
Question Author
Lol you clown !! Xx
nil points again....
Question Author
Not easy to come by, just at the moment, emmie. Keep trying :)
will do, but its disheartening....
Hi Steff, should I be on 2pts on leaderboard? I got 1 put for ringside week 1 and then 1 pt for letterhead today.
A consistant nil points for me.
Question Author
I’ve a nasty feeling you’re quite correct, karamia - sounds very familiar & I’ll check it out when my cat consents to vacate my lap ....apologies in advance.
Well done to the points scorers!

Just off to pet those elephants again ... they expect titbits now ... ;)
Question Author
Yes, I felt I’d come unstuck at some stage - you definitely have two points and it all will be sorted by next week ....sorry, karamia, I had some brain fade this morning :((
I don't believe it!!!!!!!! Moi, 7 points!!!!
Well done Sharon!
that's a first for me, two out of four :-)
ThAnk you Patsy.
Thanks Steff! Love the quiz and always thrilled if I get a correct answer. Every point counts :)

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The K M Links Game - May 2021 Week 3 Results

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