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brogles | 18:01 Sun 16th May 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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stuck on one celabratory , joyous 7 letters I have r?l?o?t have checked all the other clues all help gratefully received


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Radiant ?
Question Author
unfortunantly I have detritus my r equalled gives me l and much of a muchness my o and sceptre my t and they all seem to be correct I am slowly giving up xxx
Rollout fits your pattern but not the clue.

Hard to solve without seeing all the grid.
Which clue gave you 'equalled'?
Question Author
made similar in quantity 8 and I had E?u?l?e?
Are you positive you have the right clue relating to this pattern?
Is this clue in the puzzle?

The public launch of a new product or service (7)

If it isn't then it should be.
Question Author
yes checked everything Detritus is accumulated debris Equalled is made similar in quantity Much of a muchness of similar value or amount xx
Question Author
thank you so much will check out again after I eat dinner and will let you know I win thank you again
I think your grid has been printed wrongly, I have backtracked through the other clues/answers and the clue I gave above goes with them.
celebratory, joyous may a misprinted clue as rollout fits your letters
*be* a misprinted
Certainly appears so Ael.
Question Author
thank you all x
Good luck Brogles x
If theres a misprint in MOS am sure there will be several other thread's querying this??
It's the Irish MOS, I'm sure we do have other members who must do it.

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