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NeedToKnowPlease | 11:44 Thu 06th May 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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i was told that the answerbank is a good place for crossword questions but may i ask who is answering them and is there any guarantee that people are correct the reason i say uk crosswords is because sometimes they dont translate well i struggle with some others


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just look at some of the crossword threads and decide for yourself whether you can trust answers from lieinking, dannyk13, scorpiojo, even bobbinwales, mamyalynne, emmie,, cashier etc etc, all excellent and they usually explain there answers but feel free to challange any your not sure of.
it is as Bobb says a good site for C/W answers, some excellent people here, who know their stuff.
of course you can't guarantee that the answer given is correct, we're only human . . .
I find them very helpful and encouraging. You don't have to take their answers if you're not sure. I am more than grateful for their help and would highly recommend the site.
i would say that 98 percent are right.
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thank you for the answers yes i guess the only thing to do is see if someone can help and then assess their assistance or ask for a reason why the answer is what it is
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crossword help isnt always easy to get
if you ask for a parse to a clue there's a good chance that someone will provide one

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Needtoknow...most ABers give the reason for an answer being what it is. Many ABers have already done a particular crossword by the time others ask for help.

PS I think crossword help is pretty easy to get - both here and elsewhere!
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at the moment i dont need assistance thank you but my mother often does crosswords and asks me for advice she thinks i am smarter than i am
then sure one of us can help....

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Uk Crosswords And Clues

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