Consett Lions - Castles In England C/D 6 May 2021

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Tuvok | 09:49 Wed 05th May 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Answers are Castles in England.

16 Could be a London concert venue

23 Entrance for shredded clothing

49 Not as cold I hear

Setter stated that all answers were taken from

Setter also states that only 2 of the answers need CASTLE in them - I've got one, so the second must be for one of the above. I think it could be no. 23 if the entrance part answer is an anagram - but that leaves only 1 letter the clothing, and as I type this I think the letter would have STRING after it to make the item of clothing?

For 49 I think I have an answer - for the opposition of cold if I replaced R with L?

Totally stuck on no. 16

I have 2 chances to post this today - at 11.30 or 4.25pm


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49 = looks right
Question Author
Think I've sussed no. 16. Starts with another term for wealthy.

Just need 23 to confirm
23 Tattershall?
Question Author
Ubasses - that fits the clothing bit better, but not the entrance, nor does it give me the Castle bit.

Tatters (shredded clothing) hall (entrance)

You usually enter a building into the entrance hall.
Question Author
I was seeing tatter and shall, not tatters and hall!

Now I'm wondering where I should have the second occurrence of CASTLE as specified in the quiz!

I have one at 36.

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Consett Lions - Castles In England C/D 6 May 2021

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