Letters And Numbers Quiz For Stanbrook Abbey

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pcl64 | 06:38 Wed 05th May 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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There is an error on the quiz. 40000 should read 20000.

Additionally, due to comments around the unfairness of the rules of the quiz, I am withdrawing this quiz. I compile quizzes for fun, to relax from my career as Senior Nurse and to raise vital funds for good causes.

If you would like a refund please let me know by email; the quiz will of course be marked on 30 June and a winner will receive a prize.

Thank you for your support.


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I'm so sorry that you have had problems over your quiz. I must admit, it's not one I'm currently working on so don't know what the comments are about. I know people who compile quizzes work hard to make money for charity but also hope to have fun compiling and give fun to those trying to complete them. I can understand with the career that you have that you need some light relief. Take care of yourself.
Well, I for one am enjoying this quiz and shall carry on regardless. You are not the only compiler to have found errors. So well done Pcl64 and please carry on with your quizzes.
No-one's perfect and there are always posts on here either questioning whether an error has been made or confirming an error.

If folk are not happy with the rules, they needn't enter, need they? What rules are they mumping about?

Carry on, ignore the complaints and good luck with future quizzes.
I did the last quiz but chose not to do this one because of how it was marked. I am only guessing but I think it will be that you are only going to accept your answers so 2 humps on a camel would be correct because it is the one you thought of but 2 hands on a clock would be marked wrong.
I agree with roopower; Chloe55; and THECORBYLOON pc164. Sorry that you have had such negative feedback
That's such a shame. I have compiled a couple of these types of quiz sheet and know how much work go into them and to get negative feedback after all that work is downright unfair and uncalled for. I asked for a copy only recently and I and a few others are enjoying doing it. Sorry to hear you are not doing any more, if you have a change in mind I will certainly be asking for the next. Well done and thank you.

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Letters And Numbers Quiz For Stanbrook Abbey

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