Maggies .Dog Quiz C/D 28Thmay

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mrsmaggot | 18:09 Sun 02nd May 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Last one. Answer is a dog ( real/ puppet/ cartoon)
31) Does not have a clue!
I did have “ Scooby” but this does not fit with the alphabetical order. Answer must start with sh,si, sk,sl,sm,sn as the answer before it starts Sh and one after it stars Sn.)
Thanks for any suggestions


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what is the clue/answer for sh?
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These ewes and lambs have lost a point . = SHEP
Shaggy ?
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Thanks ,but shaggy wouldn’t fit in alphabetically as answer before is Shep. Not sure Snoopy fits the clue? Or am I missing something?
If you have a query on the alphabetical order of answers perhaps you could contact the quiz setter for clarification.
Skooby is not a clue
I mean, it fits- Google it x
I'm sure someone somewhere will have named their dog Skooby, but is it well known enough?

I too suspect a setter's error.
Question Author
Yes , I thought it fitted the clue as there is a saying “ not got a Scooby “
But it’s not till I was finishing it off I noticed the answers were in alphabetical order and began doubting my answer ! Hence I asked
But maybe I’ll just leave it as I had it
. Thank you
I agree, mamya. It seems a misspelling, but is known online.
Here they are. Scooby and Shaggy.

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Maggies .Dog Quiz C/D 28Thmay

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