Lakes, Lochs, Meres, Tarns Etc

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wildchild22 | 13:54 Tue 27th Apr 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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I'm doing the 1st Tavistock Scout Group Quiz No 44 c/d 28/5 (available from 1st Tavistock Scout Group Quiz, 6 Yelverton Terrace, Tavistock, Devon PL19 0HS at £1) and am stuck on these last few. All answers are Lakes, Lochs etc Worldwide and there are no letter counts to help.

31. One cat mingles with one cat
47. Disturb Northumbrian leaked writer
48. This incline is steeper in Oz
50. Mary Berry etc could be at home in Russia

Any and all extra clues gratefully accepted.


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Sorry, just realised you wanted clues
31 anagram - 8 letters in total
48 a term for steeper (lake in Australia)
47 anagram last two words
Question Author
Thanks for those - never would have got them without help (esp Balkal). Still stuck on 31 though - can't see anything that would produce an 8-letter word to unravel - could I have a further nudge please you lovely kind people?
31 anagram one cat and one cat - (use I for one)
31 try '1cat' + '1cat'
An anagram of the first and last two words (with a 1 letter word for one)
Bosom and two compact Fords for 31. :-)
Question Author
Wonderful! Thanks all.

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Lakes, Lochs, Meres, Tarns Etc

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