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nelios1 | 09:26 Wed 14th Apr 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Wisbech- Save The Children 24/5/21
Really stuck on the last 4
27 nonsense poem 9,4
34. looks at adoration 5,2,9 ( alice in wonderland ?)
51. Andrew lloyd webber etc 3,8 ( we have the producers for no. 26)
100. needs audience participation 3,5,6,7,4


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34 i had that but its 5,2,10 if its Ain W
100.The Rocky Horrow Picture Show
the rocky horror picture show 100.
51 its been suggested that its 3, 5, 3 the music man, ??
no one knows as far as i can tell what 27 is
i thought of crocodile rock, but not elton song its a childrens poem but can't link the musical aspect
34 is there one that ends in dreamland?
If it is alice in wonderland I cant see anything in the clue about Alice
no there isn;t,
Hope this helps everyone.
I contacted the sitter and he apologises but pages 1 and 2 were not the final draft so here is the correct letter count. He says that some of these clues may be void but it is nice to be able to complete the quiz.

Q27 - should be 3,7,2,3,5
Q30 - should be 5,6
Q34 - should be 7,2,4
Q51 - answer sheet is 3,8 but he thinks it should be 3,5,3 but they are checking the correct spelling of the title
Q75 - should be 4,2,2,2,5
Q80 - should be 10
So 34 is Aspects of Love
No wonder there have been so many queries over these
27: The Hunting of the Snark
Thanks for posting these corrections by the way Donnart.
Cheers donnart. The Billy Elliot correction was issued a while ago, its a shame the others have only just been announced as it were clear awhile ago there were so many query's over these
I've added this extra info to the Monthly Round up.

Thanks Donnart.
Ive forgot what Q75 was now
so 80 was Heathcliff and Kathy was Cathy?

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