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is that exactly as written ?
Something like, cut diamond?..
can you confirm its set out right pls robbie
Letters set in stone?..
Any more ideas??
I wondered about - Waiting.......

Weight in
Question Author
That's exactly as its written
St could be street or way. F is force or heavy?. Heavyweight
or Two way weigh street but that ignores F???
Or st could be stone of course or saint
Its the f thats puzzling
Between a rock and a hard place dont work either?
F is loud or strong in music
F is sixth letter maybe summit the sixth
its not

sly and the family stone, i know that far off what it probably is...
Stone Deaf ??
Stoned F
whats the ST though?
St = stone, Stone = stone F = F
stoned F

But I have placed question marks because it is very very iffy!
its a tough one
Question Author
The answer was stagefright apparently
as dingbats go, that's pretty dire

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