Shaw & Crompton Family Fundraiser 2021 Winners & Answers

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LittleBee | 15:16 Mon 05th Apr 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Shaw & Crompton Macmillan Cancer Support 2021 Annual Quiz
Winner:- P & S Healey Lucky entrants:- Mrs M Walne & Mrs H Turner
Sect 1 1) Cross 2) Blue 3) Mustang 4) Bowie 5) Maid 6) Susan 7) Ivy 8) West
9) Stamp 10) Square 11) Pole/Bank 12) Sunday

Sect 2 1) lead/deal 2)canter/trance 3)master/stream 4)kitchen/thicken 5) rogue/rouge
6)silver/sliver 7) direct/credit 8) tinsel/enlist 9) treading/gradient
10) grenade/enraged 11) admirer/married 12) parasite/aspirate

Sect 3 1) Jack London 2)Paris Hilton 3)Brussels Sprouts 4)Stockholm Syndrome
5) Irving Berlin 6) Dion Dublin 7) Chicken Kiev 8) Moscow Mule
9) Warsaw Concerto 10) Lisbon Lions 11) Vienna Blood 12) Prague Spring

Sect 4 1) Jo 2) Michaelmas 3) Cartman/Eric 4) Connacht/Connaught 5) Belgrade/Prague
6) Pale 7) GWR 8) Owen 9) Fire 10) Washington 11) Carrie 12) Colorado

Sect 5 1) Pancake 2)Spaghetti 3)Chips 4)Pie 5)Fish 6) Cheese 7) Milk
8)Wine 9) Water, Water 10) Port 11) Whisky 12) Brandy

Sect 6 1)Emma : Jane Austen 2) Rebecca : Daphne du Maurier 3) Matilda : Roald Dahl
4) Carrie : Stephen King 5) Jane Eyre : Charlotte Bronte 6) Oliver Twist : Charles Dickens
7) Robinson Crusoe : Daniel Defoe 8) Agnes Grey : Anne Bronte
9) Lorna Doone : Richard Doddridge Blackmore 10) Guy Mannering : (Sir) Walter Scott
11) Don Quixote : Miguel de Cervantes 12) Anna Karenina : Leo Tolstoy

Despite being denied our printed sales, the quiz has realised a staggering £1,220, only £100 less than last year. This, despite only 200 internet entrants against our normal sale of well over l000 hard copies plus the internet requests Additionally, a number of the larger donations have been Gift Aided to increase their donation by 25%. May I sincerely thank everyone who contributed for this tremendous support.


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What a fabulous total, was a great quiz.
Can I also add my thanks to everybody. I hope that people enjoyed doing it as much as I enjoyed setting it.
It was a very good quiz.Just one observation though,to avoid doubt Section 6 q10 shouldn’t it have read GM by SWS not just WS.
Hope no one lost a point because of this.
Nobody did Grumpy01.
Thanks for confirming Novalis.
Question Author
Good morning Grumpy01 (a little later than some - I don't do early!)
Just to confirm -the answers show the "Sir" in brackets intending to indicate it was not an essential. Similarly Sect 4 Q3 and Q6 had the less expected answer in smaller case.
Hope you enjoyed the quiz.
He wasn't a Knight when he wrote the novel anyway.
Question Author
Apologies - the answer shown here for that 2nd element is not shown on AB only in the answer booklets sent out to all entrants via the internet.
Thanks Little Bee.As you saw, Novalis had already confirmed that the omission of (Sir) had not cost anyone a Mark.I was unsure whether to add it or not and,although I don’t wish to revisit,my correspondence last year.Glad fun raising has gone well all things considered and I look forward to next years.

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Shaw & Crompton Family Fundraiser 2021 Winners & Answers

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