Watch The Birdie Closes In May

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MontyMiniman | 21:19 Tue 30th Mar 2021 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Any answers please no25 toxophilite wrote this story that went straight to the end 2 3 4 5

No27 chief magistrate whose mate is said to be rough 5

No28 peculiar looking lone gondolier with a single name provided a strong song 6 6

No55 fancy a nice trip to see a black headed bird 9 many thanks


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27 Look for the mate of a 'Ruff'
28 Golden oriole
25 As the Crow Flies
55. Anagram words 2, 3, 4 gives ano name for a common seabird.
Any help please for :-
43. A look could spell danger(6)
95. What a pig sending back horse and trap!
95 Gan (nag, horse) net (trap)
43 gander ..anagram danger
is 55 exactly as written?
I think jenniferd's 55 is a clue for the 55 in the original post mally.
thankyou x
pictarnie is an anagram of a nice trip
a black headed gull ^^^^
Question Author
Many thanks to all of you for your help
Thanks for your help everyone with 43 & 95. Certainly should have seen the anagram of danger to get gander.
Re 95. Whilst I accept Gannet (nag + net) where does the pig fit in?
isn't it gannet when referring to some one who eats a lot, like a pig?
A pig/someone that scoffs their food, is colloqually known as a "gannet"
Stupid ME - of course I knew the connection between pig and gannet!!!

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Watch The Birdie Closes In May

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